About Enershield

Enershield: High Performance Air Barrier Technology and Solutions


“We are dedicated to manufacturing and designing the most efficient and effective Air Barriers in the industry. We utilize only the best components the market has to offer. It is our goal to address the concerns of our clients and provide a solution for their needs. Manufacturing the equipment is only the first step. Ensuring that equipment is installed, operating and performing as per its intention is a completion to our process. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and we make that our standard for success.”


Enershield designs and builds the best Air Barrier technology in the market, using re-circulated facility air (meaning no added heat). No other air curtain or heat added solution compares.

We build all of our technology to customer specifications, to ensure your Air Barrier fits your application. We also provide assistance during installation (working directly with you or your contractor) to ensure your air barrier is installed correctly for optimal performance.


Air will flow through any open space. It will penetrate even the smallest of gaps. If you’re trying to keep air or airborne contaminants out of your facility, your envelope has to be protected.

We put quality first, because we know that even the slightest air turbulence will render the seal ineffective. Our Air Barriers create a smooth, uniform flow over an open entry by re-circulating facility air—no added heat necessary. To see how it works, see our product demo video below.

The Enershield Air Barrier Advantage

  • Achieves up to a 90% seal on an open doorway
  • Saves substantially on energy costs
  • Helps to keep out cold or hot air, dust, insects and other contaminants
  • Maintains indoor comfort for staff and customers
  • Can be utilized on doorways of all sizes and types from retail store openings up to doorways used for airplane hangars
  • Contributes towards LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) performance
  • Eligible for incentive programs through Enbridge and Union Gas in Ontario
  • We are the only technology in the world proven to seal up to a 45’ high doorway.

Enershield Air Barriers: Custom Climate Control

Air curtains, forced air or heat-added systems all operate on a similar design principle that forgets the end user’s operating costs. By failing to seal the opening, an air curtain or alternate solution compromises the end result.

Whether your facility is trying to maintain heat in your building or trying to stop warmer humid air from infiltrating Enershield has an Air Barrier for you.

We design our Air Barriers to meet your needs. To learn more about how an Air Barrier can help you control your building’s performance and costs, contact us.