Case Studies

We stand by our products

Other air curtain technologies make claims without the supporting evidence to back them up. We stand by our products, and we only make the claims we can prove through rigid testing.

We contracted a third-party consultant to evaluate Enershield’s energy performance and climate control capability in an industrial setting to provide us with performance indicators and benchmarks. We also test our models ourselves in different facilities, under different circumstances, to gauge how effective Enershield products are for different applications.

The results of our testing are offered here, to help you see the Enershield difference. Our staff are happy to answer your questions and provide further information.


Temperature profile recording at PCL Construction Resources, 2202 8th Street Nisku AB on the 7th of February 2005

Screen shot 2014 10 03 at 12 30 32 PM


Before and after Enershield Air Barrier installation

Location: PCL Nisku shop

  • Air Curtain Installed March 15, 2003
  • There was an 18% decrease in consumption after air curtain installed (during the heating months)

* Indicates date of Air Barrier installation

The left half of the graph indicates the before installation readings and the right side are the after installation readings. In summary, the above graph shows that even though the winter was colder for longer after the unit was installed, the gas consumption was dramatically reduced.


Customer Challenge: Preventing flying insects entering the building Enershield distributor C-Mech Services Limited were approached by a client which specialises in food manufacturing. Due to the nature of the product, flying insects are attracted to the facility.


Whether you are a small retailer or large manufacturer, you want your facility to have a comfortable climate while being as energy efficient and cost efficient as possible. We want to help you achieve that. If you want to know more about Enershield performance, or to find out what solution is right for you, contact us for more information.