How Air Barrier Technology Works

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How It Works

Enershield Air Barriers outperform any other air curtain or air door on the market by a wide margin, saving you on your energy costs while dramatically enhancing your building performance and comfort.

The key is in our approach. We prioritize performance over cost, for maximum efficiency—leading to cost-savings that far outweigh the initial investment.

It can take as little as two years to see a return on your investment. With an approximate life expectancy of up to 20 years or more*, you’ll be enjoying energy savings for a long time after the unit has paid for itself.

*For models DS and up.

Enershield's Leading Air Climate Control Technology

Our Air Barriers are built to the highest specifications possible, following our patented designs, to ensure our units perform to maximum efficiency.


  • Uniform air flow: consistent flow must be maintained to ensure no low pressure areas.
  • Velocity and volume: air velocity must be approximately 800 feet/minute at floor level(*).
  • Direction: approximately 10 – 15 % of airflow must be directed outwards.
  • Articulating nozzles: allows for directional control of the air stream while ensuring minimal turbulence in the air flow.

*Does not apply to MCS & TS models

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Custom Manufacturing

Every Enershield Air Barrier is engineered to produce a smooth, laminar flow of air and create up to a 90% seal across the open doorway – from a foot traffic door right up to a Boeing jet hangar doorway.

  • Units are custom manufactured to fit your application
  • Evenly spaced fans produce uniform flow and pressure
  • Air is re-circulated from within the facility—no heat added
  • Sound dampening reduces noise from fans and motors

Site Evaluation And Installation

Correctly installing the unit is just as important as the design. If the technology is installed incorrectly or improperly placed it won’t be effective.

When you order an Enershield Air Barrier, we provide installation service (may vary from region to region) and consulting to ensure your unit is installed and adjusted to operate to its maximum efficiency for the environment you are in.

  • Our mounting guidelines, when followed correctly, help to ensure the unit is installed in the proper location for your specific application. Air Barriers can be mounted horizontally (standard) or vertically (freezers or other custom applications).
  • Once installed, directional airflow is adjusted to achieve the ideal seal against outside air as per the Operations & Installation Manual.