The installation of the Air Barriers has allowed us to remove the overhead heaters in our loading docks while creating a more temperate and stable climate.
– Cory Toffan, Acklands Grainger Inc, Saskatoon

As a Jet Engine Overhaul facility, constant temperature and cleanliness within our facility is paramount. With the installation of Enershield barriers… the gas utility bill has been reduced by 20% from the previous year… whilst reducing boiler service contract and insurance inspection costs by 30%.
– Graham Wilmot, GE Caledonian Limited, Scotland

After 12 months of operation… we have seen a reduction of our energy costs by 14%. The saving based on a three-year average was approximately $500 – 700 per month… [meaning] we will have paid for the Air Barrier by the end of year two.
– Robert Polley, West Side Acura, Edmonton

Not only did we see increased comfort by keeping the heat out in summer and cold out in winter but the extent of energy savings was quite significant. We should have had them installed years ago.
– Bruce Smid, Halliburton/Sperry Drilling Services, Nisku

They are proving to be an effective barrier for dusts and insects, which we found our previous air strip curtains were not.
– Mark Speed, Canadian Seafood Processors Limited

We no longer have any ice jamming the chiller units, no frost build up on the product; the PVC strip curtains which were usually thick with ice and frost are transparent again and there is no ice on the floor. We have been able to reduce chiller settings… we also plan to reduce maintenance. Another big bonus is that we can really cut down on the number of times we need to carry out a full room defrost.
– Roy Stewart, Bells Food Group Limited, Scotland


I had tried air curtains in the past, but found the noise they generated was too loud… [with the Enershield Air Barrier] we have not had a complaint since we installed it. The product, the price and the service was excellent.
– Brian Lapoint, operations manager, Grizzly Pay Brewing Company

[During recent] cold weather… we proved within five minutes that the largest benefit for us is in the comfort of our staff. After we shut off the units without telling the cashiers we had them calling a manager to advise us that it was getting cold.
– Corey Lawless, GM Canadian Tire Store, Edmonton.


Innovative energy-saving Air Barriers reduce facility operating costs and have an average return on investment of 2 years.
– Climate Change Central / Energy Solutions Alberta

Leaving a door open is a sure way to waste energy. But an energy-saving Air Barrier is changing that… an ATCO Gas study of this technology showed a natural gas consumption dropping by 18% as a direct result of installation.
– Natural Resources Canada, Office of Energy Efficiency (Heads Up, Nov 1, 2004, Vol VIII, No. 21)